Computer and Information Technologies

The Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree (BAT) in Computer and Information Technologies (CIT) prepares students for successful careers in the field of CIT. Coursework is balanced between theoretical and technical competencies associated with the CIT profession to prepare graduates for a number of demands placed on CIT professionals. The degree is designed to prepare students with relevant, technical knowledge of CIT practices, in order to provide solutions for real-world problem and technical support for computer-based information systems. Technology-oriented coursework will form the core requirements for this program, with an emphasis on the application and implementation of current technologies.

The program’s objectives include promoting academic development in a number of ways. The program offers a required capstone course that will enhance the educational experience and employment potential for students. The program will also include a strong professional component to develop skills in technical communication, ethics and group work. Students graduating from the program will be prepared to enter the private sector as well as continue their education in a graduate program.

Tuition for the computer and information technologies competency-based courses are $850 per term. Students are able to accelerate through as many courses per term as possible, provided they demonstrate mastery of the subjects. A student entering the program with no prior college credit should be able to complete the degree in three years at a significantly reduced cost.

Develop web-based applications.

  • Design, develop and secure dynamic and data-driven web applications utilizing server-side technologies and database management. CITP 4316

Develop computer networks.

  • Install and troubleshoot Linux servers and manage Windows servers using system policies, profiles, security and performance monitoring. CITP 3306

Secure network infrastructures.

  • Identify, implement, and maintain network security, data defense, access control models, authentication, encryption, hashing and proper security documentation. CITP 3312
  • Differentiate and implement various security tools in the defense of a computer network and conduct penetration testing. CITP 4330
  • Select and apply reverse software engineering tools to system security, software design, malware analysis. CITP 3311
  • Analyze proper handling of digital evidence, cyber laws and regulations and methods of detecting concealed digital information. CITP 4346
  • Monitor, audit, analyze and revise computer and network security systems to ensure appropriate levels of protection are in place. CITP 4347
  • Develop a threat model, conduct a vulnerability analysis and use penetration tools to exploit weaknesses in a computer system. CITP 4348

Design and utilize databases.

  • Manipulate, define and maintain the components of a relational database, such as records, table structures, schema objects and security. CITP 3320

Develop applications in modern programming languages.

  • Utilize system design tools, data storage, arithmetic expressions, modular programming and object-oriented methodologies. CITP 3305
  • Utilize file input/output operations, control structures and application development. CITP 3310
  • Create a working software product according to required specifications and design documentation and evaluate its intended functionality. CITP 4340
  • Create event-driven applications with graphical user interfaces, databases and programming methodologies, such as modularity, encapsulation, information hiding, abstraction and polymorphism. CITP 4350

Demonstrate integration of IT skills in a capstone internship.

  • Communicate technical information, apply skills in an internship and participate in a team project. CITP 4301

Upper and Lower Division Requirements

This program has additional requirements that must be met prior to completion.

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Potential Job Titles

  • Computer and Information System Managers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Information Technology Project Managers
  • Network and Computer System Administrators
  • Computer Network Specialist
  • Database Administrators
  • Computer User Support Specialists
  • Computer Operators
  • Web Administrators

Admission Requirements

  1. All applicants must meet general admission requirements to South Texas College
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in state mandated general knowledge content through approved means; i.e., Texas Success Initiative (TSI), with program specific exemptions accepted
  3. Applicants are eligible for admission if they meet one of the following criteria:
    1. An ACT Composite of 19 (minimum of 16 in all areas) or above (SAT 910 or above)
    2. Applicants with prior college level coursework must have a minimum cumulative GPA or 2.5 or provide evidence of extenuating circumstances to the Dean for Math, Science and Bachelor Programs for waiving the requirement
    3. Provisional Acceptance for students scoring a minimum ACT composite of 15 (SAT 740 or above) or minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 may be granted by the Dean for Math, Science and Bachelor Programs upon completion of a personal interview with the prospective applicant
  4. Submit a complete Bachelor of Applied Technology program application  

Degree Plan Faculty Staff Part-Time Faculty

Bachelor of Applied Technology in Computer and Information Technologies

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Name Email Phone Location
De Zenea, Rosie rosie 956-872-2508 Pecan M-137
Gutierrez, Nicolas ngutierrez 956-872-3443 Pecan M-140
Hinojosa, Nicholas nhinojosa 956-872-3445 Pecan M.135
Ho, Robert S. shusin2 956-872-2194 Pecan M.149
Jiao, Yinping N. jyinping 956-872-2091 Pecan M.142
Molki, Saeed smolki 956-872-8326 Pecan M.150
Perez, Joseph josephp 956-447-6649 Mid-Valley G.151
Reza, Samuel sreza 956-872-3409 Pecan M.155
Silcox, Lucian lsilcox_4231 956-872-3546 Pecan M.136
Viera, Gabriel A. gviera 956-872-8356 Pecan M.154
Wu, Dr. Meng-Hung mwu1 956-872-8364 Pecan M.148

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name Email Phone Location
Estevan Cedillo - Lab Assistant III ecedillo 956-872-6476 Pecan M-153
Reynol H. Cantu - Lab Assistant II rhcantu 956-872-5823 Starr E1.112A
Mario Ramirez - Lab Assistant I mramir74 956-872-2193 Pecan M-153
Part-Time Faculty
Name E-mail Phone Location
Becerra Palomera, Joaquin jbecerra1 956-872-5545 Pecan M-237
Gonzalez, Victor vgonzalez99 956-720-0023
Roman Velasco, Rodolfo rromanve 956-872-5518 Pecan M-245H

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